Did You Know?

How to create Backup?

There are two ways to create backup:

  • Default
  • Browse



Double click on yours my computer icon form your desktop.

Access your D drive by double click on it.

Then, access Multi-Tec folder and double click on it.

If you have created backup folder before, then there would be backup available with the name of multitec.bak.

* If you have not created backup folder then create a folder in Multi-Tec.

Now follow these steps to create back-up

1. Select an option of maintenance from the navigation bar which will be appearing on the         top of an application.

2. By selecting on that, you will see a drop down list, from that list select back up database.

3. After that, there will new window pop up which will consist of two options:

  • Default
  • Browse
4. While selecting Default option there would be one specific path where back up will create.

     * And the browser option will disable.

Till close issues & their resolution


Let suppose you were closing till at the end of the day. Unfortunately, you faced some problems such as power failure, insufficient receipt roles etc.


  • First you have to login through admin panel.
  • You would be able to see your dashboard.
  • Select and click maintenance option from menu bar which will be appearing on the top of an application.
  • Then, you will have drop down which consist of numbers of options. Just click on preferences.
  • After, clicking on preference you will have a new window and there will be an option of group selection. Select group type, as an example on the image it is selected as an administrator.
  • Then, click on the general button.
  • And below down there will be an option of SHOW ALL TILL CLOSE TRANSACTIONS check and select that option.
  • Then click on the save button.
  • After, that click on the sale button from navigation bar from top of an application.
  • New window will appear and Click on the day close button.
  • And then there will another small window will pop up through which you can easily access and see the till report by selecting date and time.