About Us

About Us


Johar software & business group is one of the illustrious and gratified denomination all around the nation. We are the pioneer of retail sector and owning the maximum number of clients in retail market along with their great success, satisfaction and delight.

We have been ceaselessly working in the field of information technology for remarkable 15 years. Our major concern is to provide finest business consultancy which helps them to acquire and maintain their business growth. Within that successful era we have satisfied huge list of customer which are leading up to more than 500 clients.

We create a distinguish bridge among industries by imparting innovative solutions, cost effective solution, caring about people necessities and meet challenges to fulfil their customizability/ resolution requirements. Therefore, these entire core functionalities lead our clients to step up their business to the next level.

We implant the complete ERP solution which consist of various module and which helps to utilize it according to our client’s requirements.

"Because we are always curious to makes people life easier and better"

About Us


JSB is one of the people orientated company where our motive is to get satisfy by seeing our customer’s success, delight and rapture. We are committed to anticipate the premier consultancy to help our customer to excel in their businesses.

Our solutions are the mark of quality, innovative and equitable for each and every people who are initializing their businesses. Together, with our customers, we want to sustain competitive advantage, incubate and build virtuous and economic growth. We are also aiming to build entire Pakistan as the hub of technology where the opportunities are available for each individual where they can excel their experiences and expertise beyond their imagination.

About Us


We are the team of diversity, enthusiastic, dedicated, creative and highly motivated. We are fully-integrated in our specific domain and always looking forward to learn trending technologies to enhance company’s Excellency.We have family orientated environment which creates more learning opportunities with no limitations. Each individual is the helping hand to others and help them to extensively increase their motivation and values.