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Multisoft is a complete ERP solution which is having the strong capabilities of storing information across all business scales. It easily manages the operational and financial processes of businesses in a single software system. It enables you to handle and coordinate customer management system, accounts, sales, purchase and procurement, finance and business intelligence reporting.

Multisoft-ERP allows you to apply extensive functionality to industries practices, allowing all sort of businesses and manages their entire resource allocation and management. Beside you have the wide ranges of module selection such as POS, consumer products, wholesale distribution, retail and professional services.

Efficient CRM

We provide tool with such an efficient manner which never, let you lose your customer, make them more comfortable and helps to develop a strong bond.

Planning & Merchandising

As planning and merchandising is the core component of any retail system. Multisoft is much capable to forecast your requirement and then it converts the requirements into purchase orders.


Detailed of Finance, sales, stock and profitability reports are generate to check the status.

Store management

Backup security and communication from head office to retail branches can be done with Multisoft.

Point of Sale

Cash Management System, Sale and sale return, inventory, financial reporting and the list goes on.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Multisoft solution offers bonus points to the stack holders through loyalty cards and they can also surprise to loved ones through gift cards. Therefore, they can enjoy more shopping.

Multi-store and Franchises

Entire data secure at one central database/server. Therefore, it helps you to access reports and manages store inventory, among various stores. Through this you can make business strategic decisions.

Online Shopping

Nowadays, online shopping is the top trending need. It provides retailers with ability to have 24/7 sales operation without any interruption. Especially, in a brick and mortar location.

POS solution

Multisoft-POS is a client/server based point of sale. Which helps our customer to do unstoppable sales without interrupting their customers. Multisoft-POS immerse their flags and captured the market with the standards of excellence in POS industry.

Multisoft-POS meets the requirements of a wide variety of retailers. It offer the powerful backup server for in depth and store level management and reporting. Multisoft-POS is enable with the store server cash management terminals and other devices as well.

The best thing is that the retailer can easily configure the Multisoft-POS, easy to use configuration tool and business rules engines contains many options for retailer. It can easily modified and able to adapts the retailer needs.

Mobile solution

Our aim is to provide feasible options and facilities to our customers. In order to make them comfortable we are efficiently providing Mobile solution services.

Mobile solution enables you to check your all business growth, transactions, sales and purchase reports and other reports as well. With the help of an integration with the RMS system.

Attractive Dashboard.

It enables you to place order through mobile or android tablet.

Responsive design for all screens.

It enables you to monitor restaurant, retail, and distributor operations through mobile.

User friendly and easy to use.