Multisoft Pharmacy Management System

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Multisoft Pharmacy Management System

Multisoft is the mark of quality which handles complex business operations with an easy to use and interactive interface. Pharmacy module enables the pharmacists to manage their medicine sale according to their desire needs such as pack & unpack, monitor the expiry dates of medicine, facilitate with Re-order functionality which never keep your shelves out of stock. Generic name option allows the pharmacist to search for the same formulation medicine. It also helps pharmacist to maintain purchases in various ways such as medicine purchase (pack wise or lose wise) from the company or supplier. Beside all of these it can distinguish and manage the medicine with their companies’ names.

Shelf or Rack Based stock Management

Our system provides an option which enables you to track the medicine on racks. It means that our system screen will help you to locate on which particular rack desire medicine is placed. This mechanism helps you easy tracking and reduce your crowd on the stores.

Sale Based Purchase Order

This section manages all the medicines details through seasonal basis. It also manages the customer’s desire and order by customer and can be maintain on the system.

Controlled Drug Management

Multisoft-Pharmacy provides social benefits features which helps to restrict and prohibit on the medicines which consist of an intensive amount of narcotics. Whenever you search for such kind of medicines on inventory, it will restrict you to sale those medicines.

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Unique Features

  • • System Stability
  • • Technical support
  • • Workflow Transparency
  • • Efficiency
  • • Intuitive
  • • Communication
  • • Affordable
  • • Paperless
  • • Claim processing simplicity
  • • Inventory management

Multisoft Quality Of Light

  • • SMS & Email
  • • Security
  • • After sale support
  • • CRM
  • • Planing and Merchandising
  • • ERP
  • • POS
  • • Online Shopping
  • • Loyalty Gift Cards
  • • Handheld Devices
  • • Store Management
  • • Multi-Franchises

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