Multisoft Restaurant Management System

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Multisoft Restaurant Management System

Multisoft restaurant management system has designed with bunch of capabilities and features which is simple to operate and manage your restaurant efficiently. POS is the centralized hub of the restaurant management system and also consist a lot of features that enhance business growth more systematically and off course more profitable.

We have designed Restaurant Management System while considering complete necessities and operation of any restaurant. There are so many features which are enable in this application software such as; simple order taking, inventory control, quality reporting, table management, employee time scheduling, customer management, marketing initiatives and the list goes on.

It is very clear that running a hospitability business is not a piece of cake. Therefore, it is very challenging enough to deal with it. The profession of managing a restaurant is known as “Restaurant Management.” Thus, a restaurant manager can have many responsibilities such as ownership duties, administration, and Front/back-of-the-house management (FOTH/BOTH). So, the manager will be the person for choosing the POS (restaurant management system).

There are many challenges for acquiring restaurant to deal with, that’s why customer always wondering to have a perfect restaurant management system/software. A best defined software can ultimately determine your success. As the restaurant owner, you want to assure that you retain a software which is able to cop up all the operations and avoid all the pitfalls.

"But you are on the very right spot to get started with your own restaurant management software."

Tracking sales and Tax

We enable such a pro-efficient setup to manage an entire sale section of your restaurant. It can accept all sort of payment modes whether it is done through cash or any credit card. Which updates manger to track all business sale data down to the last cent.

Simple menu setup

The menu module is very simple, interactive and easy to configure. It is less fatigue and no brainier techniques has embedded which has established a renowned name in the market. It also manages the updating of menu and pricing.

Recipe Management

Recipe management is one of the innovative invention and feature of Multisoft restaurant management system. It helps the management to ready the meal according to the number of peoples. It helps to assign the numbers, size, weight and calculated range will be require to serve a request meal against the specific number of people which is request for.

User Friendly Order Management

It is one of the easy to use restaurant management software ever. It enables the restaurant staff to transfer tickets quickly, split checks, change tables, change item quantities, change item prices, and manage tables etc. Not only this, it is also ease for customer to place their order, through android tablet or phone which make their meal more enjoyable.

Credit Card Processing Integration

If you are thinking only cash payment mode flexibility, you must think about it once again. According to a survey, 68% people uses credit card in order to pay dine charges. Whereas, only 18% prefer cash mode payment. So, by not enabling debit and credit card integration, you are missing phenomenal opportunity of increasing your revenue.
We provide credit and debit card integration with such an extensive manner, which never let you stop by generating your income.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is one of the essential component for every business. How you can manage this, just have a look on this example: you serve an order of steak dinner, our software is capable to subtract that particular amount that you have served to your customer. It is obvious that have also applied some spices on that steak dinner, It also deduct the amount of spices by proportion or the amount you applied on that.

Employee Management with POS Security

You should not consider POS system without an employee management features. Our system helps you to track employee in and out, their break and work hours. This feature helps you to monitor staff productivity. Beside this we have also embedded authorization sectors which restrict the employee for their particular domain.

Comprehensive reporting

Tracking your standard sales data is not enough to monitor your business growth. That is the reason our system enables you to monitor professional and comprehensive reporting data. It allows restaurant managers to filter their sales by brand, product type, season, and time of year or other trending events.


CRM features enables to record the data of each and every customer. Therefore, it helps you to maintain strong bonding with customers, remembering their special day such as birthday, weeding anniversary etc.

Marketing, Loyalty and Reward Programs

Loyalty and reward programs is one the tremendous strategy to market your restaurant and engage people at your restaurant. If the customer come to the restaurant twice it means as the owner your availing upselling opportunities, the more gift card, and the more opportunities for income.

Supplementary Features

We provide multiple package with in one system. Our system helps you to manage restaurant dining mechanism and tables systematically. We offer you to manage take away processes timely. It also enables Home delivery Services.

Business Intelligence

Our software helps you to forecast your business growth by analyzing previous and identify your current standing and it also helps you to what major steps should be taken to increase your business revenue.

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Unique Features

  • • Dine Inn
  • • Take Away
  • • Home Delivery
  • • Tracking sales and Tax
  • • Simple menu setup
  • • Recipe Management
  • • User Friendly Order Management
  • • Credit Card Processing Integration
  • • Inventory Control
  • • Accounts
  • • Purchase
  • • Service
  • • Cash Payment
  • • Payment By Credit Card
  • • Manage Customer Relationship
  • • Compatible with Smart Phones & Tablet
  • • Dashboard
  • • Business Intelligence (BI)

Multisoft Quality Of Light

  • • SMS & Email
  • • Security
  • • After sale support
  • • CRM
  • • Planing and Merchandising
  • • ERP
  • • POS
  • • Online Shopping
  • • Loyalty Gift Cards
  • • Handheld Devices
  • • Store Management
  • • Multi-Franchises

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