Business Consultancy

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Johar software house implants business consultancy service which helps to navigate business improvement. Our highly experienced and qualified consultant directly work with business owners. We recognize ambiguity and tackle difficult challenges with an optimistic approaches which surely lead to real impact on the business. Our service is for our client’s satisfaction and to make them successful in each and every aspect of their business. We come up with innovative ideas & suggestion, phenomenal strategies which meet their business requirements. We implant business consultancy in various categorize. So, we raise you and your team to evolve your business performance into the next level.


      We understand your business requirements.

      We are curious to enhance your business growth.

      We are pragmatic and hands on.

      A calm and reasonable approach.

      We are business fixers.

      Real business transformation is never, ever a paper exercise.

Software Development

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We believe in flawless and step by step processes, therefore we deeply dive into Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We have the team who is responsible for working on the various phases of SDLC, in order to produce a quality product for our client as well as generate something really productive, creative and innovative.

We mainly deal in three sorts of software development services which are:

      Product Base Service.
      Customize Base Service/ Product Re-engineering
      Project base Service

Product Base Service

Product base services is totally depend on the requirement gathering deployment phase. Our SDLC team understand the client’s business requirements and deploy the specific module of our product.

Customize Base Service/ Product Re-engineering

Customize base services is depend on the implementation and deployment phases. Where we are specialize in incorporating the required changes within our software in order to help our clients to experience the best services then deployment phase acquire at client premises.

Project Base Service

Project base service is start from the scratch till the end of an SDLC finish line which covers an entire phases of SDLC. Including
• Planning
• Analysis
• Designing
• Development & Implementation
• Testing
• Deployment
• Maintenance

Maintenance and Support

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Our SAAS department consist the maximum numbers of experts who are imparting invincible services to satisfy our customers. We offer 24/7 maintenance and support services without any privation.

We have categorized maintenance and support service into two sections:

1. Offline Session: offline session deals on collaboration through emails or telephone. Customer reports issues and these issues resolve by enthusiastic support representative with in no time.

2. Online Session: This session executes when the support representative analysis that it is necessary to access the customer’s system. So, in that case we assure our support by performing resolution through remotely access.

Our Product Maintenance and Support

      Comprehensive user support
      Performance testing
      Backup server
      Software enhancements
      Version upgrade
      Performance Monitoring
      Development and Maintenance Documentation


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Business process automation is the process of evolution from conventional basis to emerging and trending technologies which help to accelerate business workflow. We help to transform your business organization that aims to transparency, efficient, cost-effective and persistent solution.

We provide BPA services with many techniques such as from simple employee onboarding to complex accounts payable process. We have designed BPA in such a manner which has totally eliminated the paper work. You can easily process and approved the process from one physical location to another location.

Unique facilities

      This process is free from error
      Highly recommended
      Cost effective
      Able to automate various complex business operation

Other facilities

      Streamline communication
      Enforce Accountability
      Minimize Costs
      Eliminate Manual errors
      Keep a tab on your business process
      Establish a clear approval hierarchy

Professional Training

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We are the team of highly qualified and experienced people who work continuously to fulfil our customer necessities and requirements. Our professional trainer trained each and every single session of the software in a brief manner which help customer to run our software smoothly.

We warmly welcome and facilitate our customer by providing free of cost training under the supervision of certified experts for complete 3 days with no limitations on number of members. But, after specific time period passed by if a customer wants to avail training services in that case it will cost some charges. Or another option is that the customer signed the terms and conditions of an SLA in that case the charges will be reduce as compare to Non-SLA services.

IT Training

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One of the biggest inspiration of Johar Software House is to familiarize an entire nation with the field of information technology. As now a days every business mechanism is diverging with latest technologies. For that it is really essential to learn and adopt those cultures and strategic environment and also groomed with those technologies to lead the market.

JSB and its team are completely determined to purse this aim and rapidly imparting its influences all around the nation. JSB has designed the dynamic range of IT training which will help the youth to excel their IT expertise, capable to compete and recognize their good will. IT training is supervising under the highly qualified, experienced and globally recognized consultant and trainers.