Our market dominating software

Our Products:

Multisoft is a product of the Johar software house. The purpose of creating Multisoft is to provide a way for businessmen, where they can manage their business properly. It also helps them a lot to grow their business more. There are many different software in Multisoft. It is used for multiple things like POS (point of sale), ERP (enterprise resource planning) and retail management system, etc. It is all about ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution, it has been developed while thinking about the entire problems of the Retail sector. Multisoft-ERP also helps you to manage all financial processes of businesses.   

Our Speciality:

Retail management system is a solution of barcode, which facilitates a POS (point of sale) to retailers or wholesalers to manage their business efficiently. On the one hand, the retail management system makes you able to manage an account, PO (purchase order), purchase, inventory, and financial reports, on the other hand, it helps you to manage POS (point of sale) operations in a great manner. There is one more awesome feature in Multisoft that it helps a user to make access management comprehensive and efficient. It also helps you to create a comprehensive department of hierarchy to manage various product lines into retail stores. Not only it provides you a way to manage retail businesses like grocery, pharmacy, cosmetics, healthcare but also it helps you get extensive solutions for other product lines like restaurants, garments, footwear,  bakeries and many other products.        

It can be integrated with all POS (point of sale) hardware like barcode printers, scanner, barcode laser dot matrix printers, cash drawers, and pole display. This thing makes the standard of retail management system flexible. Multisoft offers reporting features, which is based on business intelligence (BI). It also helps management to make good decisions. There are lots of reports in each module to facilitate the user.