What It Include

  • Consumable Goods Category
  • Assets and Expense Account Creation
  • Link Account Selection Option
  1. Fixed Assets item shown category wise
  2. Assets Purchasing
  3. Assets Return
  4. Assets Issue to the Departments
  5. Link with the Financial Accounting

Assets Report

  • Purchase Report
  • Purchase Summary Report
  • Purchase Return Report

Stock Report

  • Stock in Hand
  • Stock Ledger



    Enhances your Business with Multisoft Asset Management System

    The process of managing all assets across a business; both intangible and tangible. This can be assets, employees, buildings, software, and hardware equipment.

    Management means having control over all aspects that correlate to managing these business assets, of which there are many.

    This can be essential for:

    • Containing costs
    • Maintaining production quality
    • Maximising returns

    Benefits of Assets Management System

    • Track all assets in one centralized ‘hub’
    • Manage all assets from any location
    • Identify and manage risks to assets
    • Identify and remove ghost assets
    • Real-time Asset Tracking
    • Achieve Complete Accuracy
    • Identify Ghost Assets
      Operate with more Efficiency
    • Forecast Spending and Budgets
    • Identify Trends in the Business
    • Improve Equipment Utilization
    • Budgeting/Decisioning For The Future
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Theft prevention
    • Improve Asset Reliability
    • Helps You Conduct Asset Audits