How to create Backup in Multisoft ERP

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You need to protect your business data. Data is an important part of running a business. Not Maintaining backups can prove to be very dangerous. Data loss can heavily affect your business. Maintain it on a daily basis, also maintain your backup-server which is necessary for the software.

Create a backup from Multisoft ERP is not that complicated, you can easily create a backup and secure your business data by just one click.

Why backup is important?

  • It will save side you to experience a tragic loss of data
  • There should be an extra backup file save in another hard drive or flash drive because if the system’s hard drive is crashed, you have the copy in another drive.
  • Regular data backups lead to peace of mind. If your system crashed, you have a backup to restart your business with minimum time
  • With existing backed up files, companies improve productivity by reducing wasted time.
  • If you lost your data that means that you lost your all items information, all purchases, and sales. Also, you lost your accounts detail which carries your profit and loss details.


• Run Multi-Tec Application.
• Login with your username and password


• On the appeared Dashboard you will see the icon.
• Or you can also maintain it by clicking on the maintenance option and then click on the backup database.

• One is the Default option and another one is browse option.
• Now, by selecting the default option click on BackupNow!
• Which will create a it on the default folder.

• Browse option allows you to create the backup on your desire path, as I am creating it in Multisoft folder and assigning the name I want and after that just click on Back Now!
• Beside this you can also save your file on the cloud.

you can also watch a video on YouTube by Johar Software House

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