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How can you get a license ID of Software?

What is the license ID actually?

The ID is an authority, which allows us to operate software comprehensively. Same as that, Multisoft is also a license-based software, that’s why it is important. In order to operate Multisoft, you must have a license ID of software. Besides this, there is one more essential point that it consists of a time period. When the duration of the ID is going to be expired, the software will remind you before 15 days. renewed it, otherwise, the software cannot be operated, and your sale would be stopped. It sounds great to hear this good news that Multisoft does not charge anything to renew. Remember one more thing that if you add a new system, you will have to purchase Identity document, because license ID and license renewal are different.

How to Get ID Renewed

There are some steps to get ID renewed in a comprehensive way, which are the following:

Step # 1:

Login your software with username and password, after login, Dashboard (optional), and the menu bar will be appeared, click the last option in the menu bar named Help.

Multisoft login form to get license ID
Dashboard and menu bar

Step # 2:

As I mentioned about the help module in the above step, which appears on the menu bar. Click on Help and go to about, you will be redirected to the license info page.

Step # 3:

The license info page has all the detail regarding software and system, now click on the LIC Info Button which appears on the right side. After clicking, you will get the product License ID.

License ID information page

Step # 4:

Now what to do, take picture of it, and send it to the service and support team, they will provide you an activation key. Insert that activation key to operate software comprehensively.

License ID info page with key

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