Multisoft - Attendance Management System

What It Include

Multisoft has developed AMS (attendance management system) and it offers bunch of interesting features in time management module like employee information, monthly salary and monthly employee earning and deduction etc. It is as easy as pie to operate it and you can manage your business in a great manner by virtue of our software.

  1. Employee info
  2. Monthly salary
  3. Monthly employee earning and deduction
  4. Transport mode
  5. Pay frequency
  6. + all features of time management

Multisoft AMS (attendance management system) is with you to help you in your business. There are many machines which can be connected with our software like Fingerprint time attendance machine, Face scanner and hand scanner etc.

  1. Fingerprint time attendance machine
  2. Face scanner
  3. Hand scanner
  4. And many more

Multisoft AMS (attendance management system) is with you to make your business comprehensive by means of reports like time sheet report, salary information history and pay slip summary etc.

  1. Comprehensive reporting
  2. Salary information history
  3. Time & attendance management with reports
  4. Leave management reports
  5. Loan ledger report
  6. Employee activity summary
  7. Pay slip summary
  8. Employee earning and deduction report
  9. Time sheet report
  10. Access control without status detail
  11. +all reports


    As everybody knows, time is a very precious thing, everything consists of time especially in business. Have you ever thought about it, how can you manage your time efficiently? It might be an alarming situation for you. But now, you don’t need to get worried about it anymore because we are providing such an efficient solution that can get you away from these issues in time management. We provide AMS (attendance management system) solutions which can manage requirements according to your system;

    • Manages IN and OUT TIMINGS of an employee
    • Generates salary on the basis of an employee performances
    • Enables to monitor employee performances
    • Facilitates for an early time off
    • Facility to monitor lunchtime and other times as well
    • No one can place an attendance on behalf of other
    • Enable to look after and adjust entire modules on one screen
    • Paperless
    • Easy to use
    • Interactive user interface and many more

    We believe that time is a success, if you know very well that how to manage time, that’s why, we are providing AMS (attendance management system) solution to make your business better, we want to make our clients happy.