Multisoft - Bakery Management System

What It Include

Multisoft has developed BMS (bakery management system) and it offers bunch of interesting features in sale module like Recipe & production Void item & void order with authentication etc. It is as easy as pie to operate it and you can manage your business in a great manner by virtue of our software.

  1. Get product weight from weighing scale  
  2. Online delivery service management
  3. Get the alert SMS before delivery
  4. Recipe & production
  5. GST and discount control
  6. Void item & void order with authentication
  7. + all features of sale module

Multisoft BMS (bakery management system) provides you purchase module, which has number of amazing features like Goods receiving note, Purchase order, GST and discount control etc. GMS helps you to make your business green.

  1. Goods receiving note
  2. Purchase order
  3. GST and discount control
  4. Withholding tax
  5. Control raw material consumption

+ all features of purchase module

Multisoft BMS (bakery management system) offers you account & inventory module to make your business awesome. There are many features in account & inventory module like account ledger, account statement and journal voucher etc.

  1. Account statement
  2. Account ledger
  3. Accounts trial balance
  4. Bank reconciliation
  5. Postdated cheque payable/receivable
  6. Journal voucher

Multisoft BMS (bakery management system) is with you to make your business comprehensive by means of reports like Sale with profit, User wise sale report, Daily sale detail etc. 

  1. Sale with profit
  2. User wise sale report
  3. Daily sale detail
  4. Stock ledger
  5. Item movement summary
  6. Customer receivable summary
  7. Void history (view deleted products from sale)


    As everybody knows the bakery management system talks about managing all databases of the bakery. Everything is managed in bakery management software until an order from the sale. Today there are many special features in the POS (point of sale) system.

    POS (Point of Sale)

    Bakery POS software utilizes innovative touch screen, scanning, and barcode technology to make your all transactions of customers fast.

    Inventory Tracking

    Bakery inventory software helps you to make your customers happy from real-time which sustains the level of product and makes rotation method and expiration date tracking easy.


    Do the decision to get the margin of price increasing of product which assists the price of new products with access to packaging and shipping cost.

    Recipe Management

    Bakery production provides you a formula control version and it also includes processing instructions to help to get your level up in the industry.