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Client Installation Introduction

If you are using a Multisoft ERP server, and you want to create another system to use it as a client workstation, you should know about the client installation. For this, you have to follow the step to install a client workstation on your PC.

Pre-requisite & Mandatory Steps

So following are the pre-requisite and mandatory steps which you have to follow along with me:

Step# 1: You have to download crystal report, I have attached a link here.

Step# 2: Create a local area network that is connected locally from server to PC.

Step# 3: Go to Open network and sharing center > Change adapter setting > Right-click on ethernet > Properties > Select Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Click on properties > Set IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway > click ok. Set the IP address accordingly as shown in figure 1.1

Client Installation IP configuration
Figure 1.1

Step# 4: Turn off your windows firewall. Go to Open network and sharing center > Windows firewall (bottom left) > Turn windows firewall on or off (3rd option) > Select Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) > Click Ok.

Client installation firewall setting
Figure 1.2

Step# 5: Check the password protection. Network and sharing center > Change advanced sharing settings (3rd option) > Password protected sharing (last option) > Turn off password protected sharing > Click on save changes.

Client installation password protection
Figure 1.3


Step# 6: Confirm your workgroup. Right-click on my computer properties > Check your workgroup name as “WORKGROUP” in the computer name, domain, and workgroup settings section. If it is not like “WORKGROUP”, change it accordingly.

Client installation workgroup setting
Figure 1.4

Step# 7: After successfully done all these steps, check your LAN network by ping the IP of the client from the server or vise versa. Go to the command prompt > Ping -t > Press enter. If you get a reply from, it means that your LAN is successfully done.

Client installation Ping check
Figure 1.5

Step# 8: Install crystal reports according to your system type. I have to check my system by clicking on the right side of my computer and my system is 64 bit.  So I am going to install 64 bit. It is going to take some time maybe 1 minute or 2. You have to install another file of crystal report by double-clicking on it.

Step# 9: Copy Mlutisoft ERP application from the server and paste it into your client PC. The question is how I can access my server? It’s simple.

  • Access your server’s D drive
  • Remote connection

Server’s D drive: Press windows key + R, write server name with 2 backward slashes > Click ok > Type server’s user name and password > Go to D drive > Multi-Tec folder > Copy application folder > paste this application in Multi-Tec folder present in client PC.

server access method in Client installation
Figure 1.6

Through Remote Connection: Press the Windows button, search for remote connection, write server name or IP address, and click connect.

Client installation, remote section user to access server
Figure 1.7

Step# 10: Make a shortcut of your Multisoft ERP .exe file on desktop.

License Based Software

Users must have license product id which means if you want to run multiple client PC you have to purchase multiple license id which means that one license id is required for one client PC.

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