Multisoft - Distribution Management System

What It Include

Multisoft has developed DMS (distributor management system) and it offers bunch of interesting features in sale module like Performa sale, sale order and order tracking ect. It is as easy as pie to operate it and you can manage your distribution in a great manner by virtue of our software.

  1. Performa sale
  2. Sale order
  3. Delivery chalan
  4. CRM (customer relationship management)
  5. Order tracking
  6. Sales man & booker wise sale
  7. City & area wise sale
  8. GST/discount/expiry control

Multisoft DMS (distributor management system) provides you purchase module, which has number of amazing features like import business purchase, purchase with holding tax and GST discount control. DMS helps you to make your business green.

  1. Import business purchase
  2. Currency wise purchase
  3. GST and discount control
  4. GRN goods receiving note
  5. Purchase order
  6. GST/discount & expiry control
  7. Purchase with holding tax
  8. + all features of purchase module

Multisoft DMS (distributor management system) offers you account & inventory module to make your business awesome. There are many features in account & inventory module like, bank reconciliation, JV (journal voucher) and Postdated cheque payable/receivable etc.

  1. Account statement
  2. Account ledger
  3. Accounts trial balance
  4. Balance sheet
  5. Customer and supplier ageing
  6. Bank reconciliation
  7. Postdated cheque payable/receivable
  8. Journal voucher

Multisoft DMS (distributor management system) is with you to make your business comprehensive by means of reports like DSR sale report, load sheet report and finical reports etc.

  1. DSR sale report
  2. Load sheet report
  3. Item/invoice wise DSR rport
  4. Supplier payable summary
  5. Customer receivable summary
  6. Daily all transaction report
  7. Customer/vendor wise ledger
  8. Hierarchy wise stock report
  9. Positive/negative/expiry stock report


    We are in a competitive era and this marketing has got the complexity standard with thousand of the distributor, millions of outlets, and billion of transactions. It is not piece of cake to make your name in the market, how can you make your name in the market? JSB (johar software business) is here to provide DMS (distribution management system) to help you to make your name in the market. Our system can also connect with any payroll system, we offer you service to get away from every issue.

     We can make it easy for you by means of our software:

    • Smart and Scalable System
    • Last Price Accessibility
    • Report Dumping
    • DSR Reports
    • A reliable way of the transaction between Distributor and Retailer
    • Claim Management
    • Distributor Stock Management


    We have designed and developed DMS (Distributor management system) which is a self-driven automation system. The supply chain has also been managed in this system, it helps you to overcome the promotions, it improves productivity, inventory, sales, purchase, and distributor claims.


    This feature especially offers you to manage the number of clients and their different sales prices.  Its particular feature enables you to manage the number of customers in one place and their various sales prices. It helps you to begin the previous sale amount of that customer who has already purchased and it also helps you to adjust the accessibility.


    Dumping report is one of the best features of our software which helps you to control your dummy sale and excel to grow your business. It also helps you to look over dump sales from each and every counter and get the comprehensive report.

     DSR (Distributor Sale Representative) REPORTS

    DSR (Distributor Sale Representative) reports helping you to find return stock from the retailer or customer. You can overcome these issues in the future by means of this feature.


     JSB (johar software business) provides you a great feature to get information about distribution links effectively, which helps you to enhance productivity. In order to get the highest level of productivity, we have united different types of activities like invoice conversation order, van-sales management, invoice management, retailers slip management, etc.


    Claim activities can be managed by means of our software, which helps you to make your name in the market. Distributors are capable of managing sale return claims, retailers claims, and tax calculation claims, etc.


    DMS (Distributor Management System) is able to manage inventory at the distributor level which helps the sale team. There is one more option, the distributor can update the stock in real-time. It effectively manages stock transfer to a distributor from the warehouse.