Multisoft - Hospital Management System

What It Include

Multisoft HMS (hospital management system) provides you service module, which has lots of great features like OPD, IPD, pharmacy, CT scan, ultrasound and X-ray ect. You can manage your business effectively by means of our software.

    1. Patient registration
    2. Appointment & scheduling
    3. IPD
    4. OPD
    5. Ultrasound
    6. Ct scan
    7. X-ray
    8. Pharmacy
    9. Operation theater
    10. General store
    11. Pharmacy
    12. Blood bank
    13. MRI
    14. +all features of service module
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Multisoft HMS (hospital management system) offers you account & inventory module to make your business awesome. There are many features in account & inventory module like Account ledger, Patient ledger and Income statement etc.

  1. Balance sheet 
  2. Income statement
  3. Trial balance
  4. Trial group
  5. Account ledger
  6. Patient ledger
  7. + all features of account & inventory module

Multisoft HMS (hospital management system) is with you to make your business comprehensive by means of reports like Hospital cash book of IPD, Patient receivable summary & payable summary and  Patient admission detail & discharge detail etc.

  1. OPD Token detail Dr. wise & date wise
  2. OPD Token summary Dr. wise & date wise
  3. Return token detail
  4. Return token summary
  5. Hospital cash book of IPD
  6. Dept. wise service report
  7. Patient receivable summary & payable summary
  8. Patient admission detail & discharge detail


    Multisoft HMS (Hospital Management System) is all about solutions that can be deployed and customized for every hospital or health care institution, it offers your patients that service which they hope to get in the state of the art medical institution.

     Multisoft HMS (Hospital management system) provides an automation solutions for working flow. It helps you to manage the associated tasks in a good manner according to your desire such as bed management, patient billing accounting, and all the other tasks. This technology also improves the staff efficiency to make patients satisfied, it is used to come across all the hurdles till patient discharge. JSB (johar software business) is with you to reduce all the hurdles of the hospital.

    Multisoft HMS Modules

    • Patient Registration
    • Appointment & Scheduling
    • Outpatient Management
    • Inpatient Management                   
    • Inpatient Billing
    • Discharge Summary
    • Laboratory Management
    • Radiology Management
    • Pharmacy Management
    • Consultant Management
    • Store Management
    • Security Management
    • Medical Data
    • Panel Management
    • Reception Management
    • Payroll & HR Management
    • Accounts Management
    • Ambulance Management

    Departments Cover by Multisoft HMS

    • OPD
    • IPD
    • Emergency
    • X-ray
    • Ultrasound
    • C.T Scan
    • MRI
    • MRI
    • Laboratory
    • Blood Bank
    • Pharmacy
    • Dialysis
    • Operation Theater
    • Physiotherapy
    • Accounts
    • General Store
    • Panel