Multisoft - Pharmacy Management System

What It Include

Multisoft PMS (pharmacy management system) provides you sale module, which has lots of great features like control drug management, sale return & exchange and panel patient medicine etc. You can manage your business effectively by means of our software.

  1. Controlled drug management
  2. Batch no & expiry
  3. GST/discount control
  4. Delivery module
  5. Online android application
  6. Sale return & exchange
  7. Dispensing (preparing of doctor giving medicine)
  8. Panel patient medicine
  9. Patient wise billing
  10. Sale reprint and void (password protected)
  11. Sale with lose or pack unit wise

Multisoft PMS (pharmacy management system) helps you to manage your business properly by means of purchase module, it has bundles of great features like purchase order, purchase loose qty & pack unit wise and purchase with holding tax etc.

  1. Purchase loose qty & pack unit wise
  2. Purchase order
  3. GST/discount & expiry control
  4. Goods receiving note
  5. Purchase withholding tax
  6. + All features of purchase module

Multisoft PMS (pharmacy management system) offers you account & inventory module to make your business awesome. There are many features in account & inventory module like account statement, account ledger and account trial balance etc.

  1. Account statement
  2. Account ledger
  3. Accounts trial balance
  4. Balance sheet
  5. Customer and supplier ageing
  6. Bank reconciliation
  7. Postdated cheque payable/receivable
  8. Journal voucher

Multisoft PMS (pharmacy management system) is with you to make your business comprehensive by means of report module, which has lots of features like sale report, stock report and account report etc.

  1. User wise sale report
  2. Sale with profit
  3. Daily sale detail
  4. Stock ledger
  5. Item movement summary
  6. Positive/negative/expiry stock report
  7. Income statement/ balance sheet/ trial balance
  8. Supplier payable summary.
  9. Daily all transaction report
  10. Slow & fast moving item report
  11. Customer receivable summary
  12. Void history (view deleted products from sale)


    Multisoft PMS (pharmacy management system) has a premier level, it helps you to handle all of the complexity of business operations with interactive interface and make it easy to use. Pharmacy module makes pharmacists able to manage their business according to their desires like pack & unpack, expiry dates of medicine, it also facilitates you to manage the things again and it never keeps your shelves out of stock.

    Multisoft provides you a Generic option to look after the same formulation medicine. It also helps you to sustain your purchasing in different ways like medicine purchasing (pack wise or lose wise) from the company or supplier. It can also recognize and manage the medicine with their companies’ names.


    Our system offers you an option which makes you able to track the medicine on racks. It means that our system screen will let you know about the particular rack medicine’s place. It helps you to make your store peaceful.


    It talks about to manages all the medicines details, it is used to manage and sustain the customer’s orders in the system.


    Multisoft PMS (Pharmacy management system) offers you the social benefits features, it helps you to get to know about the medicines which consist on narcotics. If you try to find this types of medicines on inventory, that cannot be sold.