Multisoft - Restaurant Management System

What It Include

Multisoft  has developed RMS (restaurant management system) and it offers bunch of interesting features in sale module like home delivery, take away , dine in, get alert SMS before delivery/dispatching and order by android phone etc. It is as easy as pie to operate it and you can manage your restaurant in a great manner by virtue of our software.

  1. Home delivery, take away and dine in
  2. Online delivery service management
  3. Dispatch order (rider wise)
  4. Table management
  5. Order taking in your android phone
  6. Configure different kitchens and attach menu items
  7. Get the alert SMS before delivery & dispatching
  8. Recipe & production
  9. Void item & void order with authentication
  10. + all features of sale module

Multisoft RMS (restaurant management system) provides you purchase module, which has number of amazing features like control raw material consumption, purchase order and GST discount control. RMS helps you to make your business green.

  1. Control Raw material Consumption
  2. GST and discount control
  3. Goods receiving note
  4. Purchase order
  5. CRM (customer relationship management)
  6. + all features of purchase module

Multisoft has designed RMS (restaurant management system), which also offers you account & inventory module, there are lots of awesome features in this module like account statement, account ledger and journal voucher etc. RMS makes your business interested.

  1. Account statement
  2. Account ledger
  3. Accounts trial balance
  4. Balance sheet
  5. Customer and supplier ageing
  6. Bank reconciliation
  7. Post dated cheque payable/receivable
  8. Journal voucher

Multisoft RMS (restaurant management system) is with you to make your business comprehensive by means of reports like user wise sale report, sale with profit and customer receivable summary etc.

  1. Sale with profit
  2. User wise sale report
  3. Daily sale detail
  4. Stock ledger
  5. Item movement summary
  6. Customer receivable summary
  7. Void history (view deleted products from sale)


    Multisoft has designed the RSM (restaurant management system) with lots of great features like, get the orders, inventory control, quality reporting, table management, employee’s timing, and customer management to enhance your business. It is as easy as pie to operate this system to manage your restaurant in a great manner.

    ” you are on the right spot to get started your own restaurant management system.”


    • Table Management – Table Assignment, Transfer, Merger, Reserving
    • Order Management – Add / Cancel Items
    • KOT Issuance – Centralized & Kitchen Wise
    • KOT Printing
    • Multiple Kitchen Management – Pakistani, Chinese, BBQ, etc.     
    • Centralized and Multiple Stores Management to manage Food
    • Hall / Waiter       Management System


    • Easy & Flexible Product searching to save customer’s time
    • Quick Invoicing


    • On-Call Order Booking
    • CRM Features through Centralized
    • Customer Database