Multisoft - Retail Management System

What It Include

Multisoft RMS (retail management system) provides you sale module, which has lots of great features like GST tax, hold bill option and gift voucher etc. You can manage your business effectively by means of our software.

  1. GST tax
  2. Loyalty system
  3. Partial payment
  4. Hold bill option
  5. Gift voucher
  6. Item and bill discount
  7. Sales / sales return
  8. + all features of sales modules

Multisoft RMS (retail management system) helps you to manage your business properly by means of purchase module, it has bundles of great features like goods receiving note, inventory management and currency wise purchase etc.

  1. Goods receiving note
  2. Supplier / item wise GRN
  3. Import business purchase
  4. Currency wise purchase
  5. GST and discount control
  6. Branches wise purchase
  7. + all features of purchase modules

Multisoft RMS (retail management system) offers you account & inventory module to make your business awesome. There are many features in account & inventory module like account statement, account ledger and account trial balance etc.

  1. Account statement
  2. Account ledger
  3. Accounts trial balance
  4. Balance sheet
  5. Customer and supplier ageing
  6. Bank reconciliation
  7. Post dated Cheque Payable/Receivable
  8. Journal voucher

Multisoft RMS (retail management system) is with you to make your business comprehensive by means of report module, which has lots of features like sale report, stock report and account report etc.

  1. User wise sale report
  2. Sale with profit
  3. Daily sale detail
  4. Stock ledger
  5. Hierarchy wise stock report
  6. Item movement summary
  7. Positive/negative/expiry stock report
  8. Income statement/ balance sheet/ trial balance
  9. Supplier Payable summary
  10. Customer Receivable Summary
  11. Void history (view deleted products from sale)

    Multisoft RMS (Retail management system) talks to regulate all business processes and activities, it helps your customers to achieve the desired products, merchandise, services, and experiences from the physical or digital retail stores.

    Multisoft is all about ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution, it has been developed while thinking about the entire problems of the Retail sector. Multisoft RMS (Retail management system) has become the most dominating product. Multisoft helps you to sustain and manage all essentialities of the retail market.

    • Grocery
    • Footwear
    • Garments
    • Stationery
    • Electronic Shop
    • Auto Mobile
    • Bakery
    • Pharmacy
    • Jewelry
    • Cosmetics
    • Uniform