Multisoft - Wholesale Management System

What It Include

Multisoft has developed WMS (wholesale management system) and it offers bunch of interesting features in sale module like wholesale sale and CRM (customer relationship management) etc. It is as easy as pie to operate it and you can manage your business in a great manner by virtue of our software.

  1. Wholesale sale
  2. Party wise price list
  3. Party category wise price list
  4. SMS alert
  5. City & area wise sale
  6. GST/discount/expiry control
  7. CRM (customer relationship management)
  8. +all features of sale module

Multisoft WMS (wholesale management system) provides you purchase module, which has number of amazing features like purchase with holding and GST/discount & expiry control etc. WMS helps you to make your business green.

  1. Purchase order
  2. Goods receiving note against PO
  3. Item history
  4. GST/discount & expiry control
  5. Purchase withholding tax
  6. + all features of purchase module

Multisoft WMS (wholesale management system) offers you account & inventory module to make your business awesome. There are many features in account & inventory module like bank payment voucher, cash payment voucher and bank receipt voucher etc.

  1. Bank payment voucher
  2. Cash payment voucher
  3. Bank receipt voucher
  4. Cash receipt voucher
  5. Postdated cheque payable/receivable
  6. Journal voucher
  7. Bank reconciliation

Multisoft WMS (wholesale management system) is with you to make your business comprehensive by means of reports like daily all transaction report and Supplier payable summary etc. 

  1. Account ledger
  2. Income statement
  3. Trial balance
  4. Balance sheet
  5. Party category wise balance
  6. Customer and supplier ageing
  7. Supplier payable summary
  8. Customer receivable summary
  9. Daily all transaction report
  10. Customer/vendor wise ledger
  11. Hierarchy wise stock report
  12. Positive/negative/expiry stock report


    Multisoft WMS (wholesale management system) has been developed to help you in the process of order and to get information about clients and inventory and observe the delegate of sale productivity. It also manages the wholesale catalog, vendor management, and the inventory of wholesale management like multiple orders and makes it easy to deliver on time, it helps you to get up your level in the wholesale market.

    • Real-Time Inventory Status
    • Monitor Productivity
    • Catalog & Vendor Management
    • Automated Invoicing
    • Price & Discount Management
    • Credit Alerts

    Retail Order Management

    Multisoft WMS (wholesale management system) makes order management easy for clients. It helps you to overcome the status of an order, payment terms, location of the multiple ships, and special conditions like labeling and other information of clients in wholesale and retail. Wholesale inventory management lets you for multiple links of clients order automatically to your manufacturing purchase orders segregate after receipt. Analytical functionality and detailed reporting are in front of you.   

    Productivity Reporting

    This system lets you know about the accurate timing productivity of every wholesale dealer, you can evaluate the performance by means of it. There are user-definable rules in the commission engine which can be allocated for all sales channels or anyone and link our integrated accounting module. It facilitates your flexibility to manage conditional rules for your compensation model.

    True historical data is maintained on your all activities by means of statistical database of Multisoft which offers you accurate analysis every year.