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Multisoft retail management system has a Parent and child module, also it has price update options for the users, This ERP system has many customization options that help the user to get accurate results. Multisoft POS (Point of sale) system is designed to keep in mind the whole complexity of the retail and distribution sectors.

This enables another option with the name of Child & Parent. This option allows you to create sales, purchases, and other facilities when you buy any item in a bulk amount. This enables you to create sub sizes and set the prices accordingly.

Understand the scenario

Multisoft Parent and child module
  • You entered an item called rice which will become the parent and it will be the bulk amount which consists of size and barcode.
  • Then the child will be sub-sizes of an item.
  • For example, the total weight of an item rice 50 kg and you can make the different sub-sizes in 1 kg, 0.5 kg, and 2 kg as per your requirements.

Update Price

Multisoft Price Update Module
  • For that, select basic data from the navigation bar, select items and then select a price update.
  • It will take you to the new window, you can change the prices by selecting many options such as brand, category, class, G.R.No, etc. And next to this option select company name. And click on the show button.
  • After doing the above task, you will see another panel down below on the same window. From that, you can easily check your desire items and update and change their prices as per your desire.
  • After doing that click on the update button, a dialogue box will pop up which will ask for the two options Now implement or Post Implement.

Post Implement facilitates you to update the prices for items on a particular day and date.

Now Implement facilitates you to update the prices on the spot.

Multisoft Price Update Module 2

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